In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Quran Inspector

All praise is due to God alone. We are happy to introduce our new version of Quran Inspector - the next generation software from for reading, searching, and verifying Quran.

In addition to the Glorious Quran (Arabic text), our new version of Quran Inspector includes English, French, Swedish, Indonesian, and two different Farsi translations. Quran Inspector can display up to four languages, side by side. You simply choose your preferred language display by adjusting and saving your very own settings.

Additionaly, the new version of Quran Inspector includes more initials count information, tables & links, and distinctly highlighted verses, words, footnotes & links regarding the initials recount.

We strongly recommend using a modern browser supporting application cache, as it will let you use Quran Inspector without an internet connection once cached (but please note that there are a few links to external pages that will still require an internet connection). Don't forget to bookmark Quran Inspector in order to access it while offline!

The new Quran Inspector
Quran Inspector in action!

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