In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Examples of Errors in Printings of Quran

Translation of the Arabic words written by Rashad on the side of the images:

"The original Uthmani Rasm (Orthography) as written by the scribes of the revelation, may God be pleased with them, according to the order by the messenger, Peace be upon him, according to the Holy spirit, Gabriel, may peace be upon him according to God be He glorified."

The arrows drawn by Rashad point to three different editions of the "ORIGINAL" Quran, the kind you find in our homes, book stores and libraries.

"Number of words = 19 Number of letters 76 = 4 X 19"

Images of the first five verses of sura 96 as seen in three original Qurans and in one corrupted Quran.

"The new corrupted editions", "Number of words = 19 Number of letters = 78 ? not a multiple of 19."

Front page of the brochure

Here is Verse 15 of sura 10; You can see the same kind of corruption where the new editions added alif where it did not exist in the OLD GOLD KORAN

Here is Verse 21 of sura 10;