In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


While believers are to strive to associate themselves with those who worship God seeking Him alone (18:28), we also find that God rewards those who worship Him and reverence Him when they are alone in their privacy. Those who privately turn to Him devoting their worship totally to Him alone in hope to please Him and earn His approval are often categorized by God as the righteous worshipers.

[21:48] We gave Moses and Aaron the Statute Book, a beacon, and a reminder for the righteous.
[21:49] The ones who reverence their Lord, even when alone in their privacy, and they worry about the Hour.

[25:63] The worshipers of the Most Gracious are those who tread the earth gently, and when the ignorant speak to them, they only utter peace.
[25:64] In the privacy of the night, they meditate on their Lord, and fall prostrate.

[35:29] Surely, those who recite the book of God, observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), and from our provisions to them they spend - secretly and publicly - are engaged in an investment that never loses.

Although worshiping with true believers in a healthy submitters' community has its divine qualities and benefits, it could be, in certain cases, mixed with or confused by seeking attention or pleasing other than God. Out of reverence and out of awe, sincere believers seek Him privately, away from any worldly influences. While disregarding the temptations of this worldly life, the souls rejoice in commemorating God and glorifying Him. Righteous believers celebrate worshiping their Lord privately and enjoy being alone with Him and they never feel lonely. They cherish and value their private moments with their Creator as much as they do when they have to worship with true believers during congregational prayer and studying the scripture.

Privacy eliminates worldly purpose and shields the believers from seeking other than the Hereafter. It takes a strong believer to worship God when alone, in their privacy, seeking only Him. To value and appreciate the One God and implore Him alone secretly, is graciously rewarded and greatly appreciated by Him

[67:12] As for those who reverence their Lord, when alone in their privacy, they have attained forgiveness and a great recompense.

[36:11] You will be heeded only by those who uphold this message, and reverence the Most Gracious - even when alone in their privacy. Give them good news of forgiveness and a generous recompense.

Privacy is the sanctuary for a soul that longs for the Most Merciful and seeks His love and grace. It is the pure environment where the soul thrives freely and worships happily with no restrictions or distractions. With sharp mind, alert senses and pure concentration, believers can pay undivided attention to God, the Almighty.

We’ve learned from Quran that not only observing the night through the meditation with Quran is a command but also it is more effective and more righteous because of its sacred privacy in addition to forsaking the bodily comfort at night for the sake of the soul.

[17:78] You shall observe the Contact Prayer (Salat) when the sun declines from its highest point at noon, as it moves towards sunset. You shall also observe (the recitation of) the Quran at dawn. (Reciting) the Quran at dawn is witnessed.
[17:79] [And]* During the night, you shall meditate [with it]* for extra credit, that your Lord may raise you to an honorable rank. *17:79 The word [And] occurs in the original Arabic Quran at the beginning of the verse to significantly add to the commands in 17:78. It is not included in the English translation. *[with it] occurs in the original Arabic Quran after "meditate", referring to the word Quran mentioned in 17:78 and it is not included in the English translation.

[73:1] O you cloaked one.
[73:2] Meditate during the night, except rarely.
[73:3] Half of it, or a little less.
[73:4] Or a little more. And read the Quran from cover to cover.
[73:5] We will give you a heavy message.
[73:6] The meditation at night is more effective, and more righteous.
[73:7] You have a lot of time during the day for other matters.
[73:8] You shall commemorate the name of your Lord, to come ever closer and closer to Him.

Privacy allows commemorating God in a perfect atmosphere with sincere heart and unmixed clarity. In privacy, there is no room for hypocrisy, show off or impressing others. In privacy, there is only deep reverence, genuine devotion to the truthful Lord and hopefully sincere and firm repentance for sins and mistakes. Seeking Him alone, reflects true strength of faith and real appreciation of His blessings and His grace. God, on the other hand, appreciates how true believers choose to spend their private time to glorify Him and promises them a great recompense. They think of Him and praise Him, secretly, within themselves, in the privacy of their mind and soul, even in public places or in the middle of crowds and they are constantly rewarded by the One who is fully aware of their innermost thoughts.

[50:32] This is what was promised to every repenter, steadfast.
[50:33] They reverenced the Most Gracious, in their privacy, and came wholeheartedly.

[35:38] God is the Knower of the future of the heavens and the earth. He is the Knower of all innermost thoughts.

In privacy, true and righteous believers are constantly thinking of God's signs and blessings. They reflect on His creation, implore Him for guidance and support and seek refuge in Him. They recite His words, praise and glorify Him and call upon Him. They prostrate, bow and listen to His words whenever recited. They fully appreciative and trust His attributes. Believers are recompensed for all these private and righteous thoughts and actions. Not one private and righteous thought or action goes to waste.

[19:61] The gardens of Eden await them, as promised by the Most Gracious for those who worship Him, even in privacy. Certainly, His promise must come to pass.

Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.