In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Blue Gold, Source of Life

[44:38] We did not create the heavens and the earth, and everything between them, just to play.
[44:39] We created them for a specific purpose, but most of them do not know.
[44:40] The Day of Decision awaits them all.
[44:41] That is the day when no friend can help his friend in any way; no one can be helped.

[46:3] We did not create the heavens and the earth, and everything between them except for a specific purpose, and for a finite interim. Those who disbelieve are totally oblivious to the warnings given to them.

[25:2] The One to whom belongs all sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. He never had a son, nor does He have any partners in sovereignty. He created everything in exact measure; He precisely designed everything.

[15:19] As for the earth, we constructed it, and placed on it stabilizers (mountains), and we grew on it a perfect balance of everything.

In everything that God does, in every decision that He takes, there is always an imperative logic. God created this world so that humans would choose Him or not as the Only Absolute Authority. Then, we all get summoned on the Last Day; the day when everyone will be his own judge (Chapter 75, The Resurrection). Life on Earth was designed in accordance with a flawless and subtle balance that binds all beings and things together, giving them such a priceless and fundamental value.

At the heart of this system, there is water as a source of life on earth.

[29:19] Have they not seen how God initiates the creation, then repeats it? This is easy for God to do.
[29:20] Say, "Roam the earth and find out the origin of life." For God will thus initiate the creation in the Hereafter. God is Omnipotent.

[25:54] He is the One who created from water a human being, then made him reproduce through marriage and mating. Your Lord is Omnipotent.

[21:30] Do the unbelievers not realize that the heaven and the earth used to be one solid mass that we exploded into existence? And from water we made all living things. Would they believe?

[24:45] And God created every living creature from water. Some of them walk on their bellies, some walk on two legs, and some walk on four. God creates whatever He wills. God is Omnipotent.

Water has remarkable properties that the molecule "H2O" is given the name "molecule of life".. One of these properties is polarity. Water is a polar molecule (dipole); oxygen atom has a higher electro-negativity than the hydrogen atoms. Because of that, the water molecules attract each other; the positive pole (hydrogen) of one is linked to the negative pole (oxygen) of the other. This inter-molecular bonding force is called hydrogen bond. Water molecule is not the only one that develops hydrogen bonds, but it is the only one capable of developing as many- up to four (tetrahedron shaped architecture).

The properties of water and its role in climate, ecosystems and support life on earth.

This specific hydrogen bond gives water its unique physical properties. This bound is directional, so that the water in the condensed phase (low T ° liquid, ice) has high molecular cohesion. Consequently, its specific, melting and vaporization heat is high. Otherwise, it would be in the form of steam at the temperatures of earth. This phenomenon explains why hydro-systems act as thermal barriers to stabilize the temperature on the earth. The water in the liquid phase has a higher density than in solid phase, allowing lake water to maintain a constant temperature of 4 ° below the ice and the renewal of its deeper layers by its surface layers ... Its high surface tension causes a capillary action to allow the sap to climb in plants.

The properties of water at the heart of creation and recurrence.

Hydrogen bond gives the water some exceptional chemical properties. The interaction of these bonds is low. Therefore, unlike the valence bonds (strong intra-molecular interaction), they can be changed at ambient temperature. It is this flexibility and its high polarity that makes of water such an effective solvent for dissolving salts, acids and bases by separating the negative ions from the positive ones. When an ionic or polar compound comes in contact with water, the negative dipoles of the water bind with positive dipoles of the solute and vice versa. The water forms an electrical shield around the dissolved ions preventing them to recombine. This capacity of water as a solvent is essential in biology because certain reactions can take place only in solutions (reaction in the cytoplasm, blood)

Another feature of the hydrogen bond and its relationship with water that is most important is that the hydrogen bonds of water molecules can transfer H + ions between molecules. This property is responsible of the aqueous environments reactivity. Without it, these environments are inert and life would not be possible. Scientists believe that it's the H2O molecules that allow the transfer of H + ion through specific hydrogen bonds. In other words, they initiate the reaction of the molecules such as protein molecules (source is Yves Maréchal CEA Grenoble).

Life cycle - atmosphere, oceans, estuaries, aquifers, water cycle.

[2:22] The One who made the earth habitable for you, and the sky a structure. He sends down from the sky water, to produce all kinds of fruits for your sustenance. You shall not set up idols to rival God, now that you know.

[27:60] Who is the One who created the heavens and the earth? Who is the One who sends down to you from the sky water, whereby we produce gardens full of beauty - you could not possibly manufacture its trees? Is it another god with God? Indeed, they are people who have deviated.
[27:61] Who is the One who made the earth habitable, caused rivers to run through it, placed on it mountains, and created a barrier between the two waters? Is it another god with God? Indeed, most of them do not know.

[6:99] He is the One who sends down from the sky water, whereby we produce all kinds of plants. We produce from the green material multitudes of complex grains, palm trees with hanging clusters, and gardens of grapes, olives and pomegranate; fruits that are similar, yet dissimilar. Note their fruits as they grow and ripen. These are signs for people who believe.

[16:10] He sends down from the sky water for your drink, and to grow trees for your benefit.

[32:27] Do they not realize that we drive the water to barren lands, and produce with it crops to feed their livestock, as well as themselves? Do they not see?

[15:22] And we send the winds as pollinators, and cause water to come down from the sky for you to drink. Otherwise, you could not keep it palatable.

[39:21] Do you not see that God sends down from the sky water, then places it into underground wells, then produces with it plants of various colors, then they grow until they turn yellow, then He turns them into hay? This should be a reminder for those who possess intelligence.

[25:53] He is the One who merges the two seas; one is fresh and palatable, while the other is salty and undrinkable. And He separated them with a formidable, inviolable barrier (evaporation).

Fresh water is either "green" or "blue". The "green" water is the rainwater that is stored in the soil. It either evaporates or be part of plants and organisms. It is the main source of supply for ecosystems and un-irrigated agriculture and produces 60% of food on a global scale. The "blue" water is the renewable surface water that recharges groundwater, constitutes the main source of human's water catchments and is the traditional object of management of water resources (source: William J. Cosgrove and Frank R. Rijsberman for World water Council).

[43:11] He is the One who sends down from the sky water, in exact measure, to revive dead lands therewith. Similarly, you will be resurrected.

[15:20] We made it habitable for you, and for creatures you do not provide for.
[15:21] There is nothing that we do not own infinite amounts thereof. But we send it down in precise measure.
[15:22] And we send the winds as pollinators, and cause water to come down from the sky for you to drink. Otherwise, you could not keep it palatable.

The water capital in its cycle is constant; this means there is no creation or loss of resource. The question is the quality and quantity of fresh water available for humans and ecosystems at different points in the cycle.

[3:180] Let not those who withhold and hoard God's provisions think that this is good for them; it is bad for them. For they will carry their hoardings around their necks on the Day of Resurrection. God is the ultimate inheritor of the heavens and the earth. God is fully Cognizant of everything you do.

[56:68] Have you noted the water you drink?
[56:69] Did you send it down from the clouds, or did we?
[56:70] If we will, we can make it salty. You should be thankful.

[74:14] I made everything easy for him.
[74:15] Yet, he is greedy for more.

[68:13] Unappreciative, and greedy.
[68:14] Even though he possessed enough money and children.

Water decreases in many places as the population, so the water needs, increase. This phenomenon leads to spoil the ecosystem which it is taken in. It is locally threatened or highly degraded by pollution and eutrophication. In a growing number of areas, there are overexploitations of the resource. Diversion or withdrawals of water per pumping and irrigation are such that they exceed the thresholds authorizing the renewal and self-purification of surface water bodies or groundwater.

[42:27] If God increased the provision for His servants, they would transgress on earth. This is why He sends it precisely measured to whomever He wills. He is fully Cognizant and Seer of His servants.
[42:28] He is the One who sends down the rain after they had despaired, and spreads His mercy. He is the only Master, Most Praiseworthy.

[34:39] Say, "My Lord is the One who controls all provisions; He increases the provisions for whomever He chooses from among His servants, or reduces them. Anything you spend (in the cause of God), He will reward you for it; He is the Best Provider."

[30:48] God is the One who sends the winds, to stir up clouds, to be spread throughout the sky in accordance with His will. He then piles the clouds up, then you see the rain coming down therefrom. When it falls on whomever He chooses from among His servants, they rejoice.
[30:49] Before it fell on them, they had resorted to despair.
[30:50] You shall appreciate God's continuous mercy, and how He revives the land that has been dead. He will just as certainly resurrect the dead. He is Omnipotent.

This is all part of God's plan. He could have given us water, and any other resources, in unlimited quantities...but it would not be a good thing for us. This world was created to provide with one last chance of redemption. If God sent us His bounties without limitation, we could not have become aware of our egos- we would not be prepared for the Day of Judgment and we would not give priority for the Hereafter (43:33-35).

The water crisis that we are currently living compels us to overcome our selfishness, our greed, our heedlessness and our ingratitude. It requires us to think and understand that water should not be taken for granted, but looked at, as a divine grace. The water management should be considered, globally (IWRM - Integrated Water Resources Management). Distribution should abide by well-defined purposes. The use of water for casinos or racetracks in the desert, for example, is morally unacceptable and a bad behavior with consequences (42:30, 30:10) for both believers and disbelievers (8:25).

In accordance with the reasoning of the quoted verses, it is not surprising that the element most often used in Qu'an in the analogies highlighting Resurrection is water.

[41:39] Among His proofs is that you see the land still, then, as soon as we shower it with water, it vibrates with life. Surely, the One who revived it can revive the dead. He is Omnipotent.

[22:50] people, if you have any doubt about resurrection, (remember that) we created you from dust, and subsequently from a tiny drop, which turns into a hanging (embryo), then it becomes a fetus that is given life or deemed lifeless. We thus clarify things for you. We settle in the wombs whatever we will for a predetermined period. We then bring you out as infants, then you reach maturity. While some of you die young, others live to the worst age, only to find out that no more knowledge can be attained beyond a certain limit. Also, you look at a land that is dead, then as soon as we shower it with water, it vibrates with life and grows all kinds of beautiful plants.

[7:57] He is the One who sends the wind with good omen, as a mercy from His hands. Once they gather heavy clouds, we drive them to dead lands, and send down water therefrom, to produce with it all kinds of fruits. We thus resurrect the dead, that you may take heed.

[10:24] The analogy of this worldly life is like this: we send down water from the sky to produce with it all kinds of plants from the earth, and to provide food for the people and the animals. Then, just as the earth is perfectly adorned, and its people think that they are in control thereof, our judgment comes by night or by day,leaving it completely barren, as if nothing existed the previous day. We thus explain the revelations for people who reflect.

[18:45] Cite for them the example of this life as water that we send down from the sky to produce plants of the earth, then they turn into hay that is blown away by the wind. God is able to do all things.

[35:9] God is the One who sends the winds to stir up clouds, then we drive them towards barren lands, and revive such lands after they were dead. Thus is the resurrection.

"O Lord, Source of Mercy& Grace, Source of Life, grant us the blue gold which we are so desperately in need of. Help us to be aware of the value of this divine & miraculous bounty You grant us by imploring, expressing our gratitude and being responsible. Help us to never take water for granted. Guide us to use it in a reasonable manner without squandering it or monopolizing it. In Your hands are all provisions, You are the one who grants- the Best Provider- to You is our ultimate destiny".

Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.