In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


We learn from Quran that scriptures are sent down as mercy from God to guide us out of darkness into light. Once we are under the guidance of His scripture, it would be possible to redeem our souls (65:10-11, 11:1-12).

God constructed His final scripture to be universal, timeless, and perfect through His choice of Arabic language which is the most efficient one when it comes to accuracy, and detailing. The clarity of His specified laws, systems, and teachings would have never been achieved through any other language. God thus established His truth in the clearest, and most comprehensive format through an efficient grammatical structure of some precisely selected, perfect Arabic words.

[10:82] GOD establishes the truth WITH HIS WORDS, despite the criminals.

Quran: No Ambiguity [39:27] We have cited for the people every kind of example in this Quran, that they may take heed.
[39:28] An ARABIC Quran, WITHOUT ANY AMBIGUITY, that they may be righteous.

The Quran [26:192] This is a revelation from the Lord of the universe.
[26:193] The Honest Spirit (Gabriel) came down with it.
[26:194] To reveal it into your heart, that you may be one of the warners.

[12:1] A.L.R. These (letters) are proofs of this profound scripture.
[12:2] We have revealed it an ARABIC Quran, that you may understand.

[13:37] We revealed these laws in ARABIC, and if you ever acquiesce to their wishes, after this knowledge has come to you, you will have no ally, nor a protector, against GOD.

[20:113] We thus revealed it, an ARABIC Quran, and we cited in it all kinds of prophecies, that they may be saved, or it may cause them to take heed.
[20:114] Most Exalted is GOD, the only true King. Do not rush into uttering the Quran before it is revealed to you, and say, "My Lord, increase my knowledge."

AN ARABIC QURAN WITHOUT ANY AMBIGUITY/ قُرءانًا عَرَبِيًّا غَيْرَ ذِي عِوَجٍ

Without ambiguity/ غَيْرَ ذِي عِوَجٍ is a divine characteristic of Quran stated by God. Based on all the above verses, we understand that this divine characteristic is accomplished through the use of Arabic language.

غَيْرَ ذِي عِوَجٍ means: WITHOUT ANY AMBIGUITY- WITHOUT ANY UNCERTAINTY- WITHOUT ANY DOUBTFULNESS- CLARITY- WELL DEFINITION. We need to be reminded with that, as it seems that Satan has been finding ways to make us forget many of the solid basics we know about Quran, and "WITHOUT ANY AMBIGUITY" is one of them.

[39:28] An Arabic Quran, without any ambiguity, قُرءانًا عَرَبِيًّا غَيْرَ ذِي عِوَجٍ, that they may be righteous, لَعَلَّهُمْ يَتَّقُونَ

The last sentence of the above verse, 39:28, along with the last sentences of 12:2, 39:27, and 20:113-114 spell out God's mercy by explaining the divine purpose of constructing Quran "WITHOUT ANY AMBIGUITY" ; it is for us to understand, distinguish, take heed, learn, grow in knowledge, and get redeemed through our righteousness. Not only God has delivered a perfect, perceptible, and unambiguous scripture, but also He has equipped us and taught us, through necessary means, how to distinguish, analyze, and use good logic (55:3-4, 17:36, 6:98). God never sets certain standards without providing us with the means to meet such standards (23:62).

Our ardent enemy has been witnessed promoting teachings that are contradictory to the above. He has been creeping into some minds, and whispering that Quran is ambiguous, not clear. We have heard him abusing the following statements and verses. Please pay attention to these tricky statements whenever he voices them to you:

  1. when we study Quran together, we are only sharing our understandings, and there are not specific conclusions to be drawn - no specific take is preferable over the other.
  2. anything that we learn from Quran today is likely to be wrong or subject to change tomorrow because we grow in knowledge and learn something new everyday. Nothing is concrete or absolute.
  3. lets' take Quran seriously but not literally - let's focus on 2:62 and 5:69.
  4. And we hear him repeat this divine statement out of its context: The Most Gracious - Teacher of Quran.

When we reflect on each of the above statements, we will be able to understand how they could be deceiving and harmful to our souls. We will realize the goal that Satan is trying to achieve. He wants to establish uncertainty and a sense of loss in our hearts. Satan whispers:

Quran IS AMBIGUOUS when it is taken literally, and it leads to confusion and different understandings- let's just get along and be tolerant to our disagreements and confusion- let's just not pay attention to the literal precision or perfection of the chosen words of Quran or pay any attention to details, because we will lose focus and get lost if we do so.


So, let's reflect on all the above 4 whispers from Satan:

{when we study Quran together, we are only sharing our understandings, and there are not specific conclusions to be drawn - no specific take is preferable over the other}

{anything that we learn from Quran today is likely to be wrong or subject to change tomorrow because we grow in knowledge and learn something new everyday. Nothing is concrete or absolute}

There is a difference between understanding the meaning of a verse, and offering a personal perspective or an application for that verse. Understanding a verse means the mental precess to comprehend what is expressed by God in that verse. A personal perspective is one's personal ideas that are combined and offered to create a meaningful relationship to that verse. Personal perspective of a verse doesn't affect in the least the understanding of the meaning delivered by God. Meanings or what is intended to be expressed and delivered by God through His words and verses are not changeable. We grow in knowledge and grasp a new meaning when we pay attention to more specific values of God's words and overcome our personal limitations or, at times, blindness. This doesn't mean that God's verses have different understandings, it means something is newly revealed to us in the light of Quran that we have never known or paid attention to before (20:114, 5:101). The words of the Most Gracious establish the absolute, and concrete truth, in an accurate and efficient logic. God states that His verses are without any ambiguity, and He states that Quran is the absolute truth. The ardent enemy claims that Quran's verses have different understandings and are subject to change! The two claims contradict each other! Verses to be analyzed in this regard are:

It is the allegorical verses that have multiple meanings. The rest of Quran is straightforward which means clear, without any ambiguity:

[3:7] He sent down to you this scripture, containing straightforward verses - which constitute the essence of the scripture - as well as multiple-meaning or allegorical verses. Those who harbor doubts in their hearts will pursue the multiple-meaning verses to create confusion, and to extricate a certain meaning. None knows the true meaning thereof except GOD and those well founded in knowledge. They say, "We believe in this - all of it comes from our Lord." Only those who possess intelligence will take heed.

We will understand Quran if we wish so. God has equipped us to distinguish and understand:

[54:17] We made the Quran easy to learn. Does any of you wish to learn?

[55:4] He taught them how to distinguish.

Quran is the concrete, absolute, and infallible truth- truth is not subject to change:

[56:95] This is the absolute truth. إِنَّ هَذَا لَهُوَ حَقُّ الْيَقِينِ

[2:2] This scripture is infallible; a beacon for the righteous;

[10:32] Such is GOD, your rightful Lord. What is there after the truth, except falsehood? How could you disregard all this?

{lets' take Quran seriously but not literally- let's focus on 2:62, and 5:69}

- In order to be able to take Quran seriously, we need to:

  1. have no doubt that it is from God word by word - this has been accomplished through the proofs of the mathematical miracle of Quran.
  2. understand its words so we can implement them - there is no way we will be able to take the words of God seriously and apply them to our daily life without taking them literally to understand them.

- In order to be able to focus on 2:62 and 5:69, we need to understand how to lead a righteous life. This cannot be achieved without taking the detailed commands of the entire Quran literally and firmly. God called His scripture "Al-Furqaan" which means "Statute Book" that details and specifies (3:4). These details are contained in 6234 numbered verses, not just in 2:62 and 5:69.

Therefore, the above invitation is illogical - it cannot be from God since logic is the voice of His truth. It is constructed by Satan to numb our brains and contradict the truth in the following verses:

[2:185] Ramadan is the month during which the Quran was revealed, providing guidance for the people, clear teachings, and the statute book. ...

[10:82] GOD establishes the truth WITH HIS WORDS, despite the criminals.

[42:24] Are they saying, "He (Rashad) has fabricated lies about GOD!"? If GOD willed, He could have sealed your mind, but GOD erases the falsehood and affirms the truth WITH HIS WORDS He is fully aware of the innermost thoughts.

[11:1] A.L.R. This is a scripture whose verses have been perfected, then elucidated.* It comes from a Most Wise, Most Cognizant.

The Quran is All We Need [12:111] In their history, there is a lesson for those who possess intelligence. This is not fabricated Hadith; this (Quran) confirms all previous scriptures, provides the details of everything, and is a beacon and mercy for those who believe.

{The Most Gracious - Teacher of Quran}

Because he knows how much we appreciate 55:1-2, Satan has been using them to get to us in an appealing tone. He has established a Satanic perspective for them that diverts from the essence of these clear straightforward verses:

[55:1] The Most Gracious.
[55:2] Teacher of the Quran.
[55:3] Creator of the human beings.
[55:4] He taught them how to distinguish.

Teacher of Quran is equivalent to " it is We who explain it", in 75:19, and to the essence of the following verses:

[20:114] Most Exalted is GOD, the only true King. Do not rush into uttering the Quran before it is revealed to you, and say, "My Lord, increase my knowledge."

[5:101] O you who believe, do not ask about matters which, if revealed to you prematurely, would hurt you. If you ask about them in light of the Quran, they will become obvious to you. GOD has deliberately overlooked them. GOD is Forgiver, Clement.

Muhammad Forbidden from Issuing
Any Religious Teachings
[69:44] Had he uttered any other teachings.
[69:45] We would have punished him.
[69:46] We would have stopped the revelations to him.
[69:47] None of you could have helped him.

"The Most Gracious- Teacher of Quran" and "it is We who explain it" are straightforward statements to ensure the source of the meanings and teachings. They are to direct us to what is constructed in black and white by God and to keep us guarded against different opinions, different sources, and different understandings. If God is our Teacher, we won't disagree. If God is our Teacher we will end up with one logical and unambiguous understanding expressed by His words. Satan abuses this verse to flourish disagreements and allow us to listen to and dwell on different personal opinions through his perspective that God is teaching each one of us differently! In other words, Satan uses this verse to invite to egoistic studies that end with confusion and disagreements rather than studies that are geared to grasp the meanings of the Most Gracious through His unambiguous, easy to learn Quran. Very tragic!

In conclusion, our ardent enemy is determined to achieve his mission (7:16-17). His approach is to muddy our minds with doubts and fear so we start to undermine the basics spelled out by God, and undervalue His unambiguous truth. Believers are constantly targeted. Signs are around us: sects are on the rise- divisions- doubts- hesitance- regression- hypocrisy- disgrace. Quran is WITHOUT ANY AMBIGUITY, and is EASY TO LEARN. Quran is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. There is only one understanding or meaning expressed by God through each choice of a word and/or a grammatical structure. Such understanding is not subject to change. With the exclusion of the allegorical verses, there is no such thing as different understandings for the words and the verses of Quran. As we grow in knowledge, we are allowed to see and understand what we never grasped before, but this doesn't change the meanings of God. We evolve around Quran, Quran doesn't evolve around us. What we share and enjoy in Quran study meetings are our different perspectives or applications of certain verses. God is the Teacher of Quran because He has expressed His teachings in an unambiguous straightforward source. Because He is our Teacher, we must stick to His source and not to give in to personal opinions and disagreements. We must take Quran literally and pay close attention to its precious details to be able to take it seriously.

May God strengthen those who believe in Him with His proven words at all times.

Peaceful Friday, salaam, and God bless.