In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


God has decreed four steps for ablution (wuduu), but the Muslims of today have their own rules. They followed the rules of their Scholars instead of the rules of God. The word Muslim means the one who submits to God . Submitting to God should include doing His Ablution not the ablution of the scholars. God's ablution is very simple and easy as you can see in the verse that explains it. (5:6) The purification of the ablution is the spiritual purification not the physical part of the washing process. If ablution was meant to clean the person physically, God would have ordered us to take a bath before every one of the five prayers. Ordering the dry ablution (Tayammum) (using the dust for the purification), proves that God did not mean the ablution for the purpose of physical cleaning as some claims. The physical cleaning part of the ablution is a very secondary gain that should not be considered the main goal of the washing.

Here is ablution as commanded by God Himself . Those who consider improving on God's commandments should remember that they will stand defending their practice and blame it on someone else on a day where there is no trade, no nepotism and no intercession.

[5:6] O you who believe, when you observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), you shall: (1) wash your faces, (2) wash your arms to the elbows, (3) wipe your heads, and (4) wash your feet to the ankles. If you were unclean due to sexual orgasm, you shall bathe. If you are ill, or traveling, or had any digestive excretion (urinary, fecal, or gas), or had (sexual) contact with the women, and you cannot find water, you shall observe the dry ablution (Tayammum) by touching clean dry soil, then rubbing your faces and hands. GOD does not wish to make the religion difficult for you; He wishes to cleanse you and to perfect His blessing upon you, that you may be appreciative.

It is noteworthy that in the Arabic Quran, the verse grammatically structured to mean the feet should be washed not wiped. Although the feet are mentioned in the sentence after the wiping of the head, it belongs to the washing of the face, grammatically. It is sad that even some of those who know Arabic fail to recognize this grammatical structure and make the wrong decision to wipe the feet, instead of washing the feet.

What Nullifies Ablution

[4:43] O you who believe, do not observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) while intoxicated, so that you know what you are saying. Nor after sexual orgasm without bathing, unless you are on the road, traveling; if you are ill or traveling, or you had urinary or fecal-related excretion (such as gas), or contacted the women (sexually), and you cannot find water, you shall observe Tayammum (dry ablution) by touching clean dry soil, then wiping your faces and hands therewith. GOD is Pardoner, Forgiver.