In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Mathematical Miracle

[Final Testament/Quran 17:88] Say, "If all the humans and all the jinns banded together in order to produce a Quran like this, they could never produce anything like it, no matter how much assistance they lent one another."
[Final Testament/Quran 41:53] We will show them our proofs in the horizons, and within themselves, until they realize that this is the truth. Is your Lord not sufficient as a witness of all things?
[Final Testament/Quran 72:28] This is to ascertain that they have delivered their Lord's messages. He is fully aware of what they have. He has counted the numbers of all things.
[Final Testament/Quran 83:18-22] Indeed, the book of the righteous will be in `Elleyyeen. Do you know what `Elleyyeen is? A numerically structured book. To be witnessed by those close to Me. The righteous have deserved bliss.
[Final Testament/Quran 15:9] Absolutely, we have revealed the reminder, and, absolutely, we will preserve it.
[Final Testament/Quran 41:42] No falsehood could enter it, in the past or in the future; a revelation from a Most Wise, Praiseworthy.
[Final Testament/Quran 74:30] Over it is nineteen.
[The Final Testament/Quran 74:31] We appointed angels to be guardians of Hell, and we assigned their number (19) (1) to disturb the disbelievers, (2) to convince the Christians and Jews...
...(that this is a divine scripture), (3) to strengthen the faith of the faithful, (4) to remove all traces of doubt from the hearts of Christians, Jews, as well as the believers...
...and (5) to expose those who harbor doubt in their hearts, and the disbelievers; they will say, "What did God mean by this allegory?" God thus sends astray whomever He wills...
...and guides whomever He wills. None knows the soldiers of your Lord except He. This is a reminder for the people.
[The Final Testament/Quran 74:32] Absolutely, (I swear) by the moon.
[The Final Testament/Quran 74:33] And the night as it passes.
[The Final Testament/Quran 74:34] And the morning as it shines.
[The Final Testament/Quran 74:35] This is one of the great miracles.
[The Final Testament/Quran 74:36] A warning to the human race.
[The Final Testament/Quran 74:37] For those among you who wish to advance, or regress.