In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The Bible vs. The Facts

Farewell to God: My Reasons for Rejecting the Christian Faith, by Charles Templeton

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In this section, Charles Templeton discusses the contradiction between the Bible and the facts:

We should approach the teaching of the Bible as we would any other data - with objectivity. In as much as our unique human heritage includes the ability to reason, we should bring this ability to such questions as may arise in an examination of our religious beliefs. And we should arrive at whatever conclusions we reach on the grounds of the information available, rejecting both the scornful dismissal of the atheist and the willingness of the fundamentalist to believe anything.

{See Quran 17:36}

At this point in history, this much is clear: it is no longer possible to have confidence in what the Christian church has to say about the origin and meaning of life - not least because there is no such thing as "The Church." There are, in fact, hundreds of churches, denomina-tions, sects, communions, brotherhoods, companies of believers, and what have you, each disagreeing with the others on various points of doctrine, forms of worship, biblical interpretation, rituals, sacra-ments, and prohibitions.

Our parents or preachers or Sunday-school teachers told us that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. And, indeed, that is what the Genesis account says. But every physicist in the world will tell you that such a view is nonsense; that it took billions of years for the universe, our galaxy, our solar system, and our world to evolve to its present and, it should be added, transitory form. Whom should you believe the theologians or the physicists?

{see 7:54}

We are told in the Bible that a few thousand years ago God created the first man? and the first woman and placed them in a garden called Eden, and that every human being in history has descended from that first couple. But every anthropologist in the world will tell you that this is nonsense. Fossil remains indicate incontrovertibly that our earliest ancestors did not suddenly appear fully formed, but were anthropoid creatures who lived on the earth millions of years ago.

Whom should you believe on the question, the theologians or the anthropologists ?

{Quran's mathematical proof, proves that the creation of Adam was unique for him and for his time. Quran does not however negate the presence of other creatures millions of years before Adam irrespective of what shape they were in.}

We are told by the Christian church that the Creator drove an accursed Adam and Eve out of an accursed Eden into an accursed world because they disobeyed one of his commandments, and that as a consequence all their descendants through all time were "born in sin and conceived in iniquity," and that this is the reason for all the crime, poverty, suffering, and general wickedness in the world. But every geneticist in the world will tell you that this is nonsense.

Whom should you believe on the question, the theologians or the geneticists?

{ Quran presents the true reason of why are we here.}

One cannot help but wonder why, when Plan One went awry, God didn't learn from experience - as humans do - and have another go at creating the world, compensating for the blunders he made the first time. Surely this would have been better than throwing up his hands and cursing everybody and everything everywhere forever!

{The blunder was not that of God but of those who corrupted the Bible Quran presents the true reason of why are we here.}

We have been told that, a few generations after Eden, God got angry when each new generation disobeyed his edicts, so he sent a devastating flood that covered the earth to the tops of the highest mountains and drowned every living creature with the exception of one family and pairs of each animal species. But every geologist in the world will tell you that there is no evidence whatsoever of a world-wide flood of such magnitude.

Whom should you believe on the subject, the theologians or the geologists?

{Quran presents the true story of Noah's flood , see 11:40,44 This is God's proven truth: Noah's ark was made of logs, tied together with primitive ropes (54:13).Contrary to common belief, the flood was limited to the area around today's Dead Sea, and the animals were only Noah's livestock; not every animal that lived on earth.}

We are told that, approximately two thousand years ago, a young unmarried woman, living in a small town in the Middle East, was made pregnant by God himself and that her child was, in fact, Almighty God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity; that he traveled Ancient Palestine as an itinerant preacher, performing numerous miracles and even raising the dead. We are told that he was arrested by the Roman government and executed by crucifixion and has not been seen since. The Christian church insists that he rose from the grave and ascended into Heaven.

Whom should you believe, the Christian church or your own common sense?

{Quran presents the true story of Jesus and its common sense. See Jesus, the Quranic View and Jesus -Myth & Message (download)}