In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Seven major corruptions in Hajj as performed today

  1. The ‘Black stone’

    At one corner of the Kaba, traditional Muslims seek the blessing of a black stone. Such practice has no support in the Quran. It was innovated by someone through the hadiths books.

  2. The water of ‘Zamzam’

    There is nothing in our religion that makes of Zamzam water any blessed water than any other water. Many of the Hajj visitors claim all kinds of blessings and cure by this water on no basis. We should remember to give all the qualities of cure and blessings to God Almighty, not to a cup or a can of Zamzam water.

  3. The shortening of the Noon and Afternoon Salat

    This custom has no Quranic basis. On the contrary, God in the Quran very clearly tells us when we need to shorten the Salat (during war).

    [4:101] "When you travel, during war, you commit no error by shortening your Contact Prayers (Salat), if you fear that the disbelievers may attack you. Surely, the disbelievers are your ardent enemies."

  4. Hajj by a Deputy!

    God asserts the fact that each soul will be held accountable only to what it has done.

    [53:39] "Every human being is responsible for his own works."

    In spite of these clear assurances in the Quran, we find Muslims today doing Hajj and Umrah for their dead relatives. They do that in accordance with various alleged hadiths that claim you can do Hajj, fast and also give Zakat on behalf of your dead relatives! These hadiths are in direct contradiction to the Quran and cannot possibly originate from the prophet Muhammad who followed the Quran.

  5. Women not allowed to do Hajj without a Mihrim!

    This practice has no Quranic basis.

  6. Women (during menstruation) deprived of their Prayers, (and thus not completing Hajj rituals)!

    This restriction has no basis in the Quran and deprive the women of an essential part of their religious practice.

  7. Visiting the Prophet's Tomb in Medina

    Unfortunately, most of today's Muslims make it a custom to visit the Prophet Muhammad's tomb in the masjid that carries his name in Medina. By doing that they are committing the most flagrant acts of idolatry and thus nullify their Hajj.

    Hajj is meant to be for GOD ALONE. Hajj is older than the prophet Muhammad himself. Abraham and his descendants performed Hajj, they did not have a prophet's tomb to visit. The prophet Muhammad himself did his Hajj the correct way without dedicating his Hajj to anyone else besides God.

    The Quran consistently talks about "The Sacred Mosque," while today's Muslims talk about "The Two Sacred Mosques" ! In a glaring act of idolatry, these Muslims have set up Muhammad's tomb as another "Sacred Mosque" ! This is blasphemous violation of the Quran and ironically, even violates Hadith. It is interesting to know that traditional Muslims claim to believe in a sahih (confirmed) Hadith in which the prophet Muhammad declared that God cursed the Jews and the Christians because they built places of worship around their prophet's tombs.

The price of abandoning God’s Law

Many problems and disasters have been happening in and around the Hajj season because of the overcowding due to limiting Hajj time to only ten days instaed of 4 months!

If Hajj is spread over the four months as commanded by God in the Quran all the millions of Muslims who wish to make it to Hajj would have a fair chance to do so. The overcrowding with all its multiple problems and difficulties will be eliminated.