In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Rights of Hindu women VS rights of Muslim women

The position of women in Islam is being attacked continuously by many groups or individuals who belong to all kinds of religions and/or no religion at all. All these attacks stem from the falsely presented image of women and their rights in the books of Hadiths and Sunna. These books that were written 200 years after the death of the prophet Muhammed and against his wish and orders contained alleged sayings of the prophet that contradict the clear teachings of the Quran, the ONLY book delivered by the prophet Muhammed from God almighty.

While the Quran, the true word of God, treat the women on equal basis with man and give them the rights that were not known in the civilized world until recently, the Hadiths books stripped many of these rights from the women. These books do not represent Islam or God but rather represent the biased and corrupted opinion of the scholars who wrote these books and falsely attributed them to the prophet Muhammed. Please see our section on Hadiths in Islam, click here.

The "traditional" Muslims have themselves to blame for this incorrect picture of Islam and therefore, as you will find out on our web site we are defending Islam that is represented by the ONLY book delivered by the prophet Muhammed. All the insults, degrading and condemnation of women that is found in other books do not represent the TRUE Islam (Submission) or the message of the prophet Muhammed.

Some Hindus/sects make a big campaign that Islam restricts the freedom of women. Let us compare the positions of the Hindu woman and the Muslim woman. These are based on practices and beliefs known to still exist widely within the large number of Hindu castes and sects, independent of the country laws that deal with them. See the following facts for comparison . You be the judge. The Hindu Woman:

  1. The laws and rights of marriage and divorce (if at all) are undefined or varied for the Hindu Woman leaving her with none or very little advantage.
  2. The same applies for property or inheritance rights. Males make and absorb all claims.
  3. Choice of partner is limited because she can only marry within her own caste; moreover her horoscope must match that of the intending bridegroom/family.
  4. The family of the girl has to offer an enormous dowry to the bridegroom/family.
  5. If her husband dies she loses value in the family/society. Sati (being cremated with her dead husband) is a possible exit/recommendation. Since today's law forbids Sati, society mainly punishes her in other "holy" ways (see below).
  6. Remarriage is a big problem.
  7. The widow is considered to be a curse and must not be seen in public. She cannot wear jewelry or colourful clothes. (She may not even take part in her children's marriage!)
  8. Child and infant marriage is encouraged.
  9. A woman is brought up to believe that she must look upon her husband as a god (Pati Parmeshwar).
The Muslim Woman:

[3:195] Their Lord responded to them: "I never fail to reward any worker among you for any work you do, be you MALE OR FEMALE, YOU ARE EQUAL TO ONE ANOTHER...

  1. The Muslim woman has the same right as the Muslim man in all matters including divorce. Quran 3:195
  2. She enjoys property and inheritance rights. (Which other religion grants women these rights?). She can also conduct her own separate business. Quran 4:7
  3. She can marry any Muslim of her choice. If her parents choose a partner for her, her consent must be taken. Quran 4:24-25
  4. The dowry in Islam is a gift from a husband to his wife. Quran 4:4
  5. A Muslim widow is allowed to remarry, and her remarriage is the responsibility of the Muslim society. Quran 2:234
  6. Mixed marriage is encouraged and is a mean to prevent racism creeping in society. Quran 4:25
  7. A Muslim mother (and father) is given the highest form of respect. Quran 17:23
  8. Marriage is between consenting adults. Since marriage is a more significant institution than a financial one which needs maturity, see 4:6. Maturity and understanding is required for marriage as much.
  9. God teaches clearly in the Quran " not reverence human beings; you shall reverence Me (God) instead...." Quran 5:44, 9:18

The Hindus are trying to claim that Muslims do not give freedom to their women. You be the judge.