In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Making “salawat” on the prophet is idol worship

Published Monthly by MASJID TUCSON
January 1988 Jumada I 1408
Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D

The most popular Quranic verse among the Muhammadan masses is 33:56 which says:

[33:56] God and His angels support the prophet ;O you who believe, you shall support him and regard him as he should be regarded."

When you ask the average Muhammadan,

"What do the words SULLOO 'ALAYHI mean," he or she invariably states that they mean, "Utter Salawaat, i.e., meditate on Muhammad day and night." Right here, one detects Satan's trick, and his enormous success in turning sincere Muslims into idol-worshiping Muhammadans. Only a few verses ahead of 33:56, we see a powerful commandment to commemorate our Almighty Creator, Most High, Be He Glorified For Ever - to meditate on His Holy names, and glorify Him day and night:

[33:41-42] O you who believe, you shall commemorate God continuously, and glorify Him day and night.

But Satan decided that he would rather see the Muslims commemorate the powerless human being Muhammad (7:188, 10:49, 18:110, 41:6, & 72:21), instead of the Living, Eternal, Lord of all creation. Although Verse 33:43 clearly states that God and His angels: support (YUSAL-LOON) all the righteous believers, Satan succeeded in manipulating the Muslim masses into becoming Muhammadans who dedicate most of their worship to the Prophet.

Let us now look at 33:56 and see what it really says:

  1. First of all, Muhammad is described in this verse as "NABI" (prophet). This particular description is used throughout the Quran, exclusively, when talking about Muhammad when he was alive, and never after his death.

    Repeatedly, I have challenged the Muhammadan Ulema to show me a verse where Muhammad is referred to as NABI after his death, and they failed to meet the challenge.

  2. There are many narrations in the Quran that deal with specific historical events, and verses meant for the believers during specified periods. Any narrations connected with the word NABI were applicable only during the prophet's life on this earth. For example, there is a commandment in 49:2 ordering the believers not to raise their voices above the voice of the NABI. How can we carry out this commandment NOW??!!

    Obviously, the Prophet is dead (39:30), and has no voice ; this commandment, therefore, ended when the Prophet died.

  3. The words YUSALLOON or SALLOO or YUSALEE or SALAT are all derived from the root word WASALA, the noun being WASL, or making contact. The word SALLOO, therefore, means to keep in contact with the Prophet, to join him, to be with him, and to support him with all our strength. Of course, this could be done only when he was alive. Hence the use of the word NABI.
  4. Because the believers observe the SALAT prayers five times daily, they are in contact with their Creator, and their Creator is in contact with them. This is why we see that God and His angels do the same thing for the believers, as well as for the Prophet (33:42). But the Muhammadans have taken the whole thing out of context, and persist in idolizing Muhammad against his will.
  5. The Prophet himself was ordered to MAKE SALAT (keep in contact or support) the believers (9:103).

The Muhammadan masses forget all these facts; Satan has hypnotized them into commemorating Muhammad and meditating on his name day and night. THIS IS FLAGRANT IDOL WORSHIP that is despised by God, his messenger, and all Muslims (only Muhammadans like it). Verse 30:40 reminds us that God is the one who created us; God is the one who provides for us; God is the one who terminates our lives; God is the one who resurrects us for recompense. None of the idols does any of these things. Thus, the true Muslims commemorate their Almighty Creator, meditate on His glorious names, and proclaim His glory day and night.