In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Why then are Muslims Defeated?

Abstract: "For centuries, Islam (Submission in English) and the Muslims (Submitters), were leaders of the world as far as freedom, democracy, and civilization are concerned. Between the 7th and 12th centuries, Islam was the center of a brilliant civilization and of a great scientific, philosophic, and artistic culture. The Islamic world was an open society based on the laws of the Quran that advocated tolerance of other cultures and beliefs. It interacted with the Greek East and Latin West and supplied both with great resources that constituted the fundamentals of today's advances in every aspect of modern science. After prophet Muhammad's death and as the time passed, the Muslims gradually drifted away from the laws of the Quran in favor of the man made laws derived from the books of Hadiths (Sayings) and Sunna (actions) that were falsely attributed to the prophet Muhammad. Within few hundred years from building that great empire, the freedom, democracy, tolerance, and civilization were gradually lost as the man-made laws took over from the perfect laws of God in the Quran. It is from that time when the Muslim masses deserted the Quran that they have been defeated continuously, in every country, every war, every battle and every conflict and until our present time. The so called "Muslim" countries are the poorest, most humiliated, most oppressed and least advanced among the whole world. They are losing in every battle, in Palestine, in Iraq, in Chechneya, in Afghanistan, in Kashmir, in Europe, in practically everywhere. The Muslims will have to return back to the Quran to have any victory in this life, or God will substitute others in their place, as He promised."

Those who are familiar with the Quran know that God promised the believers victory in this world and in the Hereafter. God also reminds us that victory comes only from God and not by turning our back to Him.

[3:126] GOD thus informs you, in order to give you good news, and to assure your hearts. Victory comes only from GOD, the Almighty, Most Wise.


The Quran teaches, unequivocally, that victory is G U A R A N T E E D for the Muslims:

[30:47] We have sent messengers before you to their people, with profound signs. Subsequently, we punished those who transgressed. It is our duty that we grant victory to the believers.

[40:51] Most assuredly, we will give victory to our messengers and to those who believe, both in this world and on the day the witnesses are summoned.

[22:38] God defends those who believe. God does not love any betrayer, unappreciative.

[47:7] O you who believe, if you support God, He will support you, and strengthen your foothold.

God also reminded us that He does not break His promises.

[30:6] Such is God's promise - and God never breaks His promise - but most people do not know.


In view of the guarantees shown in these Quranic verses, and since God is never wrong, the "Muslims" of today could not possibly be Muslims. They have broken their pledge to uphold God's commands in His sacred book, the Quran, and brought defeat and humiliation for themselves.

If God does not break a promise, then all these Muslim masses have to wake up to see what they have been doing wrong. Why they have got no victory for several centuries and there is no victory appearing in the near future . Why are they under continuous oppression, with no freedom , freedom to worship, freedom to choose their leaders, speak their minds or freely manage their properties.


For as long as the Muslim Ummah upheld Quran, and nothing but Quran, the Muslims led the world scientifically, technologically, culturally, socially, militarily, and economically. They never lost a single battle. The borders of Islam extended from West Africa to China; into Southern France and Eastern Germany.

With the appearance of Hadith & Sunna at the beginning of the third century AH, a progressive deterioration of the Muslim Ummah began. Since the appearance of these innovations as sources of guidance beside the Quran, the "Muslims" never won a single battle.

Why do 6 million Israelis consistently defeat over 150 million Arabs???

Does it make any sense that 4 million Israelis should force almost 2 billion "Muslims" to accept their unacceptable terms?

Why does India consistently defeat Pakistan?

Why are the Muslims in Afghanistan defeated in every corner of their own country ?

Why are the Muslims around the world are the poorest, most oppressed, least advanced, least educated, most miserable.....etc...etc...etc.

WHY THEN ARE THE "MUSLIMS" DEFEATED? God already gave us the answer over 1400 years ago.

BECAUSE they refuse to believe God in His repeated statements that Quran is COMPLETE, PERFECT, FULLY DETAILED, and SHALL BE THE ONLY SOURCE OF RELIGIOUS GUIDANCE. Because they have accepted other sources, namely, Hadith and Sunna, beside Quran.

[20:124-127] Whoever disregards My message (Quran) shall have a miserable life, then we will resurrect him, on the Day of Resurrection, blind. He will say, 'My Lord, why did You resurrect me blind, when I used to be a seer (in the first life)?' (God will say), 'This is because Our revelations came to you, but your forgot them, and consequently, today we forget you.' We thus punish those who exceed the limits and refuse to believe the verses of their Lord. And surely, the retribution in the Hereafter is far worse, and everlasting."

Witnessing what has been happening to the Muslims around the globe and with these verses in mind we can easily recognize the great disaster they brought to themselves by deserting God's book for the sake of man made fabrications that received no support from God or His prophet. They deserted God and therefore He has deserted them. God also told us that His messenger will complain to Him on the Last Day from these Muslims;

[25:30] The messenger said, "My Lord, my people have deserted THIS Quran."

Many of these Muslims will claim that they still follow the Quran, but they do not follow the Quran ALONE, as God commanded in His book. They follow with it the laws derived from the books of Hadith and Sunna. This immediately contradicts the teachings of God in the Quran that clearly call for following NO OTHER LAW but the Quran.

[6:114] Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law, when He has revealed to you this book fully detailed? Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord, truthfully. You shall not harbor any doubt.

[5:48] Then we revealed to you this scripture, truthfully, confirming previous scriptures, and superseding them. You shall rule among them in accordance with GOD's revelations, and do not follow their wishes if they differ from the truth that came to you…...
[5:49] You shall rule among them in accordance with GOD's revelations to you. Do not follow their wishes, and beware lest they divert you from some of GOD's revelations to you. If they turn away, then know that GOD wills to punish them for some of their sins. Indeed, many people are wicked.
[5:50] Is it the law of the days of ignorance that they seek to uphold? Whose law is better than GOD's for those who have attained certainty?

GOD Has warned His prophet 'not to be diverted' from the Quran...that he holds fast to the laws of GOD and seeks no other!.


[69:40-47] This (Quran) is the utterance of an honorable messenger. It is not the utterance of a poet; rarely do you believe. Nor is it the utterance of a soothsayer; rarely do you take heed. A revelation from the Lord of the universe. HAD HE EVER UTTERED ANY OTHER RELIGIOUS UTTERANCES (attributed to us), we would have punished him severely, then we would have stopped the revelation to him. None of you could have protected him against us.

These very clear verses teach us that Muhammad was forbidden from uttering any religious teachings beside Quran.


[17:73-75] They almost diverted you (O Muhammad) from our revelations to you; they wanted you to fabricate something else to consider you a friend. If it were not that we strengthened you, you almost leaned towards them a little bit. Had you done it, we would have doubled the punishment for you in this life, and after death; no one could have protected you against us.

Muhammad ordered to deliver QURAN ALONE, without the least alteration, and never to "fabricate" anything else:

[10:15-18] When our verses are recited for them, those who do not expect to meet us would say, 'Bring a Quran other than this, or change it.' Say (O Muhammad), 'I cannot change it on my own initiative. I simply follow what is revealed to me. I fear, if I disobey my Lord, the retribution of a terrible day.' ...Who is more wicked than one who invents lies about God, or rejects His revelations? The guilty never succeed. Yet, they idolize beside God those who possess no power to harm them or benefit them, and say, 'These are our intercessors with God.' ...such is idol-worship."


Our Almighty Creator commands that QURAN, specifically QURAN, SHALL BE THE ONLY SOURCE of religious teachings. Furthermore, we are told that THE ACCEPTANCE OF ANY OTHER SOURCES for religious guidance equals the setting up of OTHER GODS BESIDE GOD:

[6:19] Say (O Muhammad), 'Whose testimony is greater?' Say, 'God is the witness between me and you that THIS QURAN was given to me to preach it to you, and to whomever it reaches.' However, you certainly bear witness that you set up other gods beside. Say, 'I will never do what you are doing; I disown your idol-worship.'

This profound verse, which happens to be verse 19 of Sura 6, enjoins the believers from upholding or following ANY OTHER SOURCE BESIDE QURAN, and that doing this is equivalent to the setting up of other gods beside God.

In the strictest possible language, we are commanded to uphold Quran, the whole Quran, and nothing but Quran.

Repeatedly, we are commanded to uphold Quran as the ONLY SOURCE OF RELIGIOUS GUIDANCE. Again and again, we are reminded that the following of ANY OTHER SOURCE BESIDE QURAN EQUALS THE SETTING UP OF OTHER GODS BESIDE GOD.

Verses 22 through 38 of Sura 17 (17:22-38) represent some of the most important commandments in Quran. Immediately following these verses we find the verse shown below:

[17:39] This is some of the wisdom revealed to you (in this Quran), and YOU SHALL NOT SET UP ANY OTHER GOD BESIDE GOD (by following any other source beside Quran). Otherwise, you will be thrown into hell, blamed and debased.

Despite all these clear commandments and extremely strict injunctions, why do the followers of Hadith & Sunna fail to uphold the Quran alone?

Verses 45 and 46 of Sura 17 inform us that those who refuse to believe God and heed His commandment to uphold Quran ALONE are deliberately isolated from Quran.

[17:45-46] When you read the Quran, we place between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter an invisible barrier. And we place shields on their hearts, to prevent them from understanding Quran, and deafness in their ears. Consequently, when you preach your Lord IN THE QURAN ALONE they run away in aversion.



God says that Quran is COMPLETE, PERFECT, & FULLY DETAILED, and that you shall not seek any other source:

[6:38-39] We did not leave anything out of this book, then all will be gathered before their Lord (for judgment). Those who do not believe our verses are deaf and dumb; in total darkness. God sends astray whomever He wills, and directs whomever He wills in the right path."

[6:114] Shall I seek other than God as a source of law, when He revealed THIS BOOK FULLY DETAILED?
[6:115] The word of your Lord is COMPLETE in truth & justice....


Now, you have the total freedom to decide to believe God, or to reject His statements, and ignore His commandments, provided you are willing (or unwilling) to accept the consequences. You agree, no doubt, that refusing to believe God is a very serious offense. Just how serious is expressed in verse 40 of Sura 7:

[7:40] Surely, those who do not believe our revelations, and are too arrogant to heed them, the gates of the sky never open for them, nor will they ever enter Paradise until the camel passes through the needle's eye. We thus requite the guilty."

Thus, it is A PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY for those who refuse to believe God to enter Paradise.


In Islam there is no 'Priesthood' no 'Hierarchy' no 'Church'...However, as soon as you ask any Muslim a question regarding his/her religion, they will refer you to the opinions of this or that Imam!.

[34:33] The followers will say to their leaders, "It was you who schemed night and day, then commanded us to be unappreciative of GOD, and to set up partners to rank with Him." They will be ridden with remorse, when they see the retribution, for we will place shackles around the necks of those who disbelieved. Are they not justly requited for what they did?

GOD tells us that the Quran is clear to understand (54:17) and that ALL people are commanded to ponder and understand its words.

[47:24] Why do they not study the Quran? Or are their locks on their hearts?

Yet the masses have refused to 'study' the Quran for themselves and insist on merely reciting its words like the parrot who does not understand...all the time leaving GOD's 'partners' to do the understanding for them.

[2:170-171] When they are told, "Follow what GOD has revealed herein," they say, "We follow only what we found our parents doing." What if their parents did not understand, and were not guided?. The example of those who reject is that of one who repeats what he hears of sounds and calls, without understanding. Deaf, dumb, and blind; they cannot understand.

The "Muslim" masses today refuse to be satisfied with the commandments of God in the Quran. They uphold commandments of men, such as the various "imams" and "scholars." As a result, they have a prolonged ablution that depends on which "sect" they follow. All sects resulted from the various "imams" opinions as to how the Prophet is supposed to have done his ablution.

Thus, they fell in Satan's trap, disobeyed their Creator, and incurred misery and defeat.



    Although God's orders are clear and simple in Quran about the observance of ablution, the "Muslim" masses follow another god beside God; they do not do the ablution as prescribed by God. The ultimate result: humiliation & defeat.

    [5:6] O you who believe, when you get up to perform the Salat prayers you shall wash your faces, your hands up to the elbows, wipe your heads, and wash your feet.....

    The "Muslim" masses today refuse to be satisfied with the commandments of God. They uphold commandments of men, such as the various "imams" and "scholars." As a result, they have a prolonged ablution that depends on which "sect" they follow. All sects resulted from the various "imams" opinions as to how the Prophet is supposed to have done his ablution. Thus, they fell in Satan's trap, disobeyed their Creator, and incurred misery and defeat.


    [17:110] When you observe your Salat prayers, your voice shall not be too loud, nor too low; you shall maintain an intermediate tone.

    Despite these straightforward instructions from God, the "Muslim" masses were diverted by Hadith; they maintain total silence during the noon prayer, the afternoon prayer, the third unit of the sunset prayer, and the second half of the night prayer. WHERE DID THEY GET THESE INSTRUCTIONS? From another god beside God; from other sources beside Quran.

    Thus, they fell en masse in Satan's traps, and disobeyed their Creator, whose word (Quran) is complete, perfect, and fully detailed (6:19,38,114).

  3. Do you mention other names beside God's in Salat?

    It is God's commandment that we shall not mention any names in our Salat prayers, beside the name of God (72:18).

    But the Muslim masses today follow the innovations that dictate upon them the praising and glorifying of Muhammad and Abraham, while praying to their Lord.

    [72:18] The mosques belong to God; therefore, do not mention any other names beside the name of God.

    The "Muslims" have been duped by Satan into uttering the innovation known as "Tashahhud" where they shower praises and glorifications on Muhammad and Abraham.

  4. Do you believe in Intercession (Shafaa'ah ) ?

    Intercession is one of Satan's most effective tricks to dupe the people into idolizing their prophets and/or saints.

    Although the Quran repeatedly states that there will be no intercession on the day of judgment, many Muslims were duped, through "Hadith & Sunna" into idolizing the prophet Muhammad against his will, and inventing the concept of INTERCESSION (Shafaa'ah):

    [2:254] Spend from our provisions to you before a day comes wherein there will be no trade, no nepotism, and NO INTERCESSION.

    [21:28] The prophets simply follow the commandments of God. He knows their past and future. THEY CANNOT INTERCEDE EXCEPT ON BEHALF OF THOSE ALREADY SAVED BY GOD. The prophets themselves worry about their own fate.

    [39:45] Say, 'To God belongs ALL INTERCESSION. To Him belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, then to Him you will be returned.' When GOD ALONE is advocated, the hearts of those who do not believe in the hereafter shrink with aversion. But when idols are mentioned along with Him, they become satisfied.


Satan succeeded in duping millions of Muslims into believing that obeying God means obeying the Quran, while obeying the messenger means obeying Hadith.

What helped in popularizing this Satanic trick was the general ignorance of Quran among the Muslim masses, and their failure to heed the divine commandments that Quran shall be the ONLY SOURCE of jurisprudence and/or religious guidance. Only a little thinking leads us to realize that Quran came to us through Muhammad's mouth, and DID NOT COME TO US FROM GOD DIRECTLY. Hence the commandment that we shall obey the messenger...for he utters the words of God.

All previous scriptures have stated the same Quranic truth that: "Whoever obeys the messenger is obeying God." Since the messenger obviously is not God, the commandment clearly means obeying the words of God uttered by the messenger.

The knowledgeable and fortunate believers, therefore, realize that Hadith & Sunna are Satanic fabrications aimed at diverting people from the path of God.


Instead, they are the Hadiths (narrations) of men and women who never saw the Prophet; in fact, the grandparents of their grandparents never saw the Prophet.

It is well known that the first book of Hadith is that of Bukhary, who was born more than 200 years after the death of Muhammad. When Bukhary wrote his book of Hadiths, he used to visit the people whom he knew as sources. After verifying that his source is "truthful," and known as a man or woman of righteousness, Bukhary would ask, "Do you know a Hadith?" The person would answer, "Yes," then proceed to narrate the "Hadith" as follows: "I heard my father, may God bless his soul, say that he heard his older brother, may God bless his soul, say that he was sitting with his grandmother, may God bless her soul, and she told him that she was having dinner one day with her great uncle, may God bless his soul, when he stated that his maternal grandfather knew Imam Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Amawy, who mentioned that his grandfather heard from his oldest uncle that he met the great companion of the Prophet Omar ibn Khaled Al-Yamany, and he told him that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, '......'

Thus, the Hadith is simply a narration by Bukhary's source, claiming that he or she heard something about the Prophet across eight generations of the dead.

On the other hand, we now possess irrefutable physical evidence that Quran is the infallible word of God, and that it was uttered by the Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, we obey the messenger by obeying Quran; nothing but Quran.


Instead, it is obedience to the men and women who narrated the "Hadiths."

Obeying the so-called "Hadith of the Prophet," is in fact obeying a group of simple-minded people who thought that the Prophet had said something more than 200 years before they were born.

Thus, if the narrator of a given Hadith is for example a Abbas ibn Yasser, then obeying the Hadith narrated by Abbas ibn Yasser is in fact obeying Abbas ibn Yasser, and has nothing to do with obeying the Prophet.

The true obedience of the Prophet Muhammad is only by obeying Quran, which was indeed uttered by Muhammad, and is supported by indisputable PHYSICAL EVIDENCE.

These facts explain the Quran's repeated statements that "Only those with intelligence take heed."

Quran was delivered to us through Muhammad's mouth, without any mediators or narrators. The Quran came through Muhammad's mouth, directly to the ears of the revelation writers who scrupulously wrote it down the moment it was uttered.

Thus, Quran is the only true Hadith of Muhammad. Furthermore, the Almighty has guaranteed the eternal preservation of His words, as uttered by Muhammad (15:9).


[40:10-12] (On the day of judgment) the disbelievers will be told, 'God's abhorrence towards you is far worse than your own abhorrence towards yourselves, for you were invited to the faith but refused.' They will say, 'Our Lord, You gave us two deaths and two lives, and now we confess our sins; IS THERE ANYWAY OUT?' That is because when GOD ALONE was advocated, you refused to believe. But when idols were advocated along with Him, you believed. Therefore, judgment now belongs with God, the most high, the great.

When GOD ALONE is advocated, do you believe? OR Do you have to have others advocated along with Him?

[40-83-85] When their messengers went to them with clear proofs, they rejoiced in the knowledge they had inherited, and the very things they ridiculed were the cause of their fall.Subsequently, when they saw our retribution they said, "Now we believe in God ALONE, and we now disbelieve in the idol worship that we used to practice."Their belief then could not help them in the least, once they saw our retribution. Such is God's system that has been established to deal with His creatures; the disbelievers are always doomed.

Are you happy and satisfied with the knowledge you inherited from your parents, elders or scholars? (Hadith & Sunna)

Are you willing to give up such knowledge, in favor of God's teachings? OR, will it be too late for you?


[39:45] When God ALONE is advocated, the hearts of those who do not believe in the hereafter shrink with aversion. But when idols are mentioned besides Him, they rejoice.


In your mind, can God survive ALONE???

Or, does God need Muhammad, in your mind, in order to be commemorated and worshiped???

In your mind, could God stand alone?

or does God need a partner, in your mind, such as Muhammad, Jesus, Mary, or some saint(s)???

Would you be perfectly happy and content if you knew about GOD ALONE, without Muhammad, Jesus, Mary, or any saint, or anyone, or anything?

Are you annoyed by talking about GOD ALONE?

When we keep talking about GOD ALONE, does this annoy you? Do you have to hear other names along with God? Can GOD ALONE survive in your mind?

When we repeat, and repeat talking about GOD ALONE, do you feel any repulsion? Or, are you happy and content with the talk about GOD ALONE???

Based on the Great Quranic criterion, as stated in 39:45, your answers to these questions provide the key to knowing yourself, and your destiny. It is the key for achieving victory in this life and the Hereafter or living in a miserable defeat in this life and eternally in the Hereafter. As God promised before, He also has given a very important pledge for these Muslims who continue to reject the call of God Almighty to follow, Quran ALONE, the whole Quran ALONE.

[Quran 47:38] ........ If you turn away, He will substitute other people in your place, and they will not be like you.