In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Tools of the Devil

The Devil (Satan, Shaytan, Iblis) is man’s greatest enemy on Earth. The Quran mentions this 11 times (2:168,208; 6:142; 7:22; 12:5; 17:53; 20:117; 28:15; 35:6; 36:60; 43:62). Humans must do all possible to avoid the Devil and his companions (evil jinns – creation made from smokeless fire). The Devil uses many tools to try and divert humans from the true worship of One God. Belief in One God alone is not enough because the Devil believes in God also (8:48) and the Devil also fears God (59:16). The Devil uses tools to try and win supporters on his side. All of the devil’s supporters will end up in Hell along with the devil and his companions. Below is a list of the tools that the Devil uses to encourage humans to stray from God’s path:

Idol worship (2:14; 4:60,117; 5:90; 6:71)

Witchcraft (2:102)

Usury (2:275)

Fear of anything or anyone except God (3:175)

Giving to charity to show off (4:38)

Tyranny (4:76)

Rumours/lies (4:83)

To forbid foods that are not forbidden in the Quran (4:119)

Intoxicants (5:90,91)

Gambling/games of chance (5:90,91)

Mocking God’s Quran (6:68)

Following religious laws other than those in the Quran (6:112; 22:52)

Eating food which God’s Name has not been mentioned on (6:121)

Plotting/scheming/conspiring (12:5; 58:10)

Seeking other than God’s help (form of idol worship) (12:42)

Driving hatred between people (12:100; 17:53)

Breaking promises (14:22)

Extravagance (17:27)

Arguing about God without knowledge (22:3)

Following your parents blindly about religion (31:21)

May God forgive us all and help us to stay away from the tools of the Devil. All praise is to God alone.