In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Master of Psychiatry

[10:57] O people, enlightenment has come to you herein from your Lord, and healing for anything that troubles your hearts, and guidance, and mercy for the believers.

Throughout the Quran, we find great examples of how the Most Merciful provided supportive, cognitive, and behavioral therapy for His messengers and the believers. The Most Gracious blessed us with reassurances, support, advice, education, hope, and encouragement. He validates our human feelings and emotions. We see in the example of Moses the acknowledgment of his fear, anger, speech disorder, and low self confidence. Abraham was kind, clement, obedient, but doubtful. He needed reassurance, asking God to show him how to revive the dead. Jacob confided in Him with his sadness about Joseph and his brother. God graciously responded to all of them and rewarded them for their patience and devotion to Him alone.

[27:10] "Throw down your staff." When he saw it moving like a demon, he turned around and fled. "O Moses, do not be afraid. My messengers shall not fear.

[20:94] He said, "O son of my mother; do not pull me by my beard and my head. I was afraid that you might say, `You have divided the Children of Israel, and disobeyed my orders.' "

[20:27] "And untie a knot from my tongue.
[20:28] "So they can understand my speech.
[20:29] "And appoint an assistant for me from my family.
[20:30] "My brother Aaron.
[20:31] "Strengthen me with him.
[20:32] "Let him be my partner in this matter.

[11:75] Indeed, Abraham was clement, extremely kind, and obedient.

[2:260] Abraham said, "My Lord, show me how You revive the dead." He said, "Do you not believe?" He said, "Yes, but I wish to reassure my heart." He said, "Take four birds, study their marks, place a piece of each bird on top of a hill, then call them to you. They will come to you in a hurry. You should know that GOD is Almighty, Most Wise."

[12:86] He said, "I simply complain to GOD about my dilemma and grief, for I know from GOD what you do not know.

Not only did God validate his messengers' feelings, and respond to them, but He also empathized with them, advising some of them not to be sad, emphasizing that the disbelievers are not rejecting them, personally, but they reject God’s revelations. God is boosting His servants' confidence and self esteem, reassuring them that there is nothing wrong with them. It is the disbelievers who are flawed and it is the message that is rejected. These are behavioral lessons for us to improve our communication skills and control any irrational reactions towards others.

[6:33] We know that you may be saddened by what they say. You should know that it is not you that they reject; it is GOD's revelations that the wicked disregard.

[36:76] Therefore, do not be saddened by their utterances. We are fully aware of everything they conceal and everything they declare.

[10:65] Do not be saddened by their utterances. All power belongs to GOD. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.

[18:6] You may blame yourself on account of their response to this narration, and their disbelieving in it; you may be saddened.
[18:7] We have adorned everything on earth, in order to test them, and thus distinguish those among them who work righteousness.

[3:160] If GOD supports you, none can defeat you. And if He abandons you, who else can support you? In GOD the believers shall trust.

The Possessor of infinite grace showered His believers with abundance of treatments and skills to cope with the tests and hardships of this life. He blessed them with a scripture full of healing, wisdom, and a variety of lessons for those who wish to take heed. He outlined for His servants how to deal with their daily strife and gave them many prescriptions such as imploring, meditation with the Quran, glorification, the contact prayers, charity, fasting, and practicing patience. All the righteous works and traits that develop our soul heal our emotional and psychological stress.

[2:45] You shall seek help through steadfastness and the Contact Prayers (Salat). This is difficult indeed, but not so for the reverent,

[20:130] Therefore, be patient in the face of their utterances, and praise and glorify your Lord before sunrise and before sunset. And during the night glorify Him, as well as at both ends of the day, that you may be happy.

[13:28] They are the ones whose hearts rejoice in remembering GOD. Absolutely, by remembering GOD, the hearts rejoice.

[16:102] Say, "The Holy Spirit has brought it down from your Lord, truthfully, to assure those who believe, and to provide a beacon and good news for the submitters."

[17:82] We send down in the Quran healing and mercy for the believers. At the same time, it only increases the wickedness of the transgressors.

Only to augment our sense of security, God promises us to send invisible soldiers to help us and guard us. What could be better psychological approach than this to eliminate fear and make us feel shielded and loved? Isn't God the Master of Psychiatry?

[13:11] Shifts (of angels) take turns, staying with each one of you - they are in front of you and behind you. They stay with you, and guard you in accordance with GOD's commands. Thus, GOD does not change the condition of any people unless they themselves make the decision to change. If GOD wills any hardship for any people, no force can stop it. For they have none beside Him as Lord and Master.

[9:26] Then GOD sent down contentment upon His messenger and upon the believers. And He sent down invisible soldiers; He thus punished those who disbelieved. This is the requital for the disbelievers.

[9:40] If you fail to support him (the messenger), GOD has already supported him. Thus, when the disbelievers chased him, and he was one of two in the cave, he said to his friend, "Do not worry; GOD is with us." GOD then sent down contentment and security upon him, and supported him with invisible soldiers. He made the word of the disbelievers lowly. GOD's word reigns supreme. GOD is Almighty, Most Wise.

[33:9] O you who believe, remember GOD's blessing upon you; when soldiers attacked you, we sent upon them violent wind and invisible soldiers. GOD is Seer of everything you do.

God reassured the believers that He is near, always near, and He promised to answer their prayers. He showed us how to seek His help and support. Besides being a way to worship our Lord and sense His closeness and love, imploring God is very therapeutic practice as it relieves a lot of our anguish and pain, in addition to the positive enthusiasm that develops with it.

[2:186] When My servants ask you about Me, I am always near. I answer their prayers when they pray to Me. The people shall respond to Me and believe in Me, in order to be guided.

[40:60] Your Lord says, "Implore Me, and I will respond to you. Surely, those who are too arrogant to worship Me will enter Gehenna, forcibly."

[20:46] He said, "Do not be afraid, for I will be with you, listening and watching.

God assures the believers that His promises are irrevocable. This enhances their sense of hope and optimism. He promised them His mercy of protection, support, forgiveness, dignity, and provisions. All they need to do is to trust that this mercy is attainable.

[39:53] Proclaim: "O My servants who exceeded the limits, never despair of GOD's mercy. For GOD forgives all sins. He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful."

[7:56] Do not corrupt the earth after it has been set straight, and worship Him out of reverence, and out of hope. Surely, GOD's mercy is attainable by the righteous.

[61:11] Believe in GOD and His messenger and strive in the cause of GOD with your money and your lives. This is the best deal for you, if you only knew.
[61:12] In return, He forgives your sins, and admits you into gardens with flowing streams, with beautiful mansions in the gardens of Eden. This is the greatest triumph.
[61:13] Additionally, you get something you truly love: support from GOD and guaranteed victory. Give good news to the believers.

[3:126] GOD thus informs you, in order to give you good news, and to assure your hearts. Victory comes only from GOD, the Almighty, Most Wise.

[48:18] GOD is pleased with the believers who pledged allegiance to you under the tree. He knew what was in their hearts and, consequently, He blessed them with contentment, and rewarded them with an immediate victory.

[63:8] ... (They should know that) all dignity belongs to GOD and His messenger, and the believers. However, the hypocrites do not know.

While they strive to please God alone, believers rejoice in a great sense of hope, security contentment, and heart reassurance that God bestows upon them. This is what keeps them progressing on the straight path. They trust that all matters are fully controlled and predetermined by God alone. This calms their hearts with peace and helps them overcome their fears. They always remember that with God there is mercy, forgiveness, light, truth, and no despair, fear, grief or darkness. Thus, they are encouraged to harbor only positive thoughts and feelings and to seek refuge in God from Satan and all of the negative whispers he tries to instill in their hearts.

[9:51] Say, "Nothing happens to us, except what GOD has decreed for us. He is our Lord and Master. In GOD the believers shall trust..

[57:22] Anything that happens on earth, or to you, has already been recorded, even before the creation. This is easy for GOD to do.
[57:23] Thus, you should not grieve over anything you miss, nor be proud of anything He has bestowed upon you. GOD does not love those who are boastful, proud.

[10:62] Absolutely, GOD's allies have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

[3:175] It is the devil's system to instill fear into his subjects. Do not fear them and fear Me instead, if you are believers.

[7:200] When the devil whispers to you any whisper, seek refuge in GOD; He is Hearer, Omniscient.

Who would be a greater therapist than God, Possessor of infinite grace, and what is a better prescriptions than the divine ones available for us day or night and wherever we are?

[41:30] Those who proclaim: "Our Lord is GOD," then lead a righteous life, the angels descend upon them: "You shall have no fear, nor shall you grieve. Rejoice in the good news that Paradise has been reserved for you.
[41:31] "We are your allies in this life, and in the Hereafter. You will have in it anything you wish for; you will have anything you want.
[41:32] "(Such is your) ultimate abode, from a Forgiver, Most Merciful."

Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.