In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The Misconception of following Hadith and Sunna (sayings and practices traditionally and falsely attributed to Prophet Muhammad)

The religion of Islam (Submission to God alone) has been severely corrupted. More than 200 years after prophet Muhammad's death, the human being started to innovate some man-made doctrines and lies and falsely attributed them to the prophet and to this great religion. Over the years, these innovations (Hadith and Sunna) have become an official source of laws and Sharia besides the Quran in most of the so- called Islamic countries. It has been proclaimed that Quran alone is not enough as a source of law. A blasphemy that contradicts what God states about Quran being complete (6:115), perfect (11:1, 2:2) , fully detailed (6:114) and has all that we need for our salvation (6:51). They have disbelieved in the word of God and uttered the word of idol worship, the unforgivable sin (4:116). Prophet Muhammad delivered nothing but Quran and was forbidden to explain Quran (69:40-47, 75:16-19).  Quran is the only valid and divine source of religious laws and guidance for the Submitters to God alone. God is the teacher of the Quran (55:1-2), and He is the ONE who explains Quran (75:19).