In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Why 114 suras in the Quran ?

We all, hopefully, know by now that the Arabic word “Wahid”, which means (one) has a gematrical value of 19, where 19 is the mathematical code of the miracle of the Quran. The message of the Quran and all the scripture focus on “God is ONE.” God assigned these values to the letters as HE created all the languages, and the word “one” was given the value of 19 since the creation. See also our article "Why 19 ?". God knows the Quran will be its Final scripture and that it will be coded by 19. Also this is just a clue to the general principle that the mathematical structure of the Quran is related to the manifestations of God as expressed by His names.

The question can now be raised: WHY are there 114 suras in the Quran ? although the fact that 114 is a multiple of 19, is by itself significant, the answer that this is the reason for 114 suras is not sufficient enough since there are other multiples of 19, say 38, 57,76,95,133…etc. which could have served the same function as well. The answer to the question is found in sura 75:17

[75:17] It is we who will collect it into Quran.

[75:17] It is we who will collect it (Arabic = Jama’ahu) into Quran.

Here God says that He (using angelic forces) is responsible for the collecting of all the verses of the Quran into what is now called the Quran . The Arabic verb here for collecting or gathering is (jama’s) and the noun corresponding to is is (Jami’u) . God is called in the Quran Jami’u .. at least twice in the Quran, 3:9 and 4:140

[3:9] "Our Lord, You will surely gather .. the people on a day that is inevitable. GOD never breaks a promise."

[4:140] He has instructed you in the scripture that: if you hear GOD's revelations being mocked and ridiculed, you shall not sit with them, unless they delve into another subject. Otherwise, you will be as guilty as they are. GOD will gather the hypocrites . and the disbelievers together in Hell.

While suras 3:9 says that God is the Gatherer of mankind for the day of Judgment and Sura 4:140 says that He is the Gatherer of al those destined for the Doom, , Sura 75:17 asserts that He is also the Gatherer (Collector) of the revelations of the Quran.

The gematrical value of the word ( Jam’u = Collector or Gatherer ) is 114.

As we know , there is NO co-incidence. God knows since creation that He will the Collector of the Quran, the Gatherer of the revelations and He assigned the value 114 to the word, J =3, A =1, M= 40 and A’in = 70 = 114

Thus Jami’u .. totals 114, the number of suras in the Quran.

Besides being the Author of the Quran, He is responsible for its gathering and collection together. This explains the relationship between God’s special name Al-Jami’u and the number of suras in the Quran. God Himself gives the clue in 75:17.

This article is Modified after " a Brochure written by Dr. Cesar Majul , PhD, Former Dean, Institute of of Islamic studies, University of the Philippines. 1982

Other related issues to the number 114:
  1. Sura 1, verse 1 'Basmallah', occurs in the Quran 114 times = 19 x 6 despite the absence of Basmallah from sura 9. The very first verse of the Quran gives an indication of the number of Sura's in the book.
  2. Sura 110, the last chapter revealed, has three numbered verses and one un-numbered verse, i.e. Basmallah. 110 + 4 verses =114. As if sura 110 which is the last revealed sura predict the total of the suras in the Quran.
  3. The number of chapters in the Quran is 114. 114 = 6 x 19 and 619 is the 114th prime
  4. Sura 19 is the 6th initialled sura that was revealed. Note that the 619 is prime number and its index is 114 and that 114 = 6 x 19. We all know that 114 is the number of suras in the Quran. The word GOD is mentioned for the first time in this sura in verse 30. Note that 30 is the 19th composite. 19:30 is the 114th verse containing the word "Allah" in the revelation order. Number 19, the code of the miracle of the Quran is mentioned in verse 30 (sura74.) An intricate system beyond all times.
  5. The chemical element number 114 has a magic nucleus. A magic nucleus is a highly stable one with all the shells closed. The magic numbers in nuclei are 2,8,20,28,50 and 82 as far as we know in the periodic table of elements. It is interesting to note that 2+8+20+28+50+82 = 190 = 19X10
  6. The name Rashad Khalifa in Arabic is made of 9 letters, R, SH, A, D, KH, L, Y, F, H. The Sequential (not the gematrical) Value of these 9 letters are, 20, 21,1,4, 24,12,10,17, and 5 and the sum of which is 114 (19X6), which is total number of suras in the Quran. The use of the name Rashad khalifa means it cannot be any Rashad or any Khalifa. God coded the name Rashad Khalifa in the Quran, otherwise we would have had thousands if not millions of people named after the expected messenger and claim they are the messenger of the covenant, Rashad khalifa.
  7. The important phrase, "Wahdahoo La Sharika lah," (GOD ALONE, HE has no partners) has a gematrical value of 619. 619 is the 114th prime number and also 6X19 =114 which is the number of suras in the Quran.